A Time Machine Might Fix a few mistakes, but where I am will never be the same


Time Machine

Words and Music David Delgado. 
Inspired by a conversation with Lily Delgado
(C) 2020 by David Delgado Music


Let’s build a time machine
and change up all our memories
There are a thousand things I’d like to change
I wonder if I could or If I would
And what would stay the same
 What if the wrong things were erased?


If I could go back
And change all my regrets
would it be easy
would I remember what I’d left
Would I see the beauty
In the ashes, I never left  
A Time machine might fix a few mistakes
But where I am would never be the same

Verse 2

Let’s build a time machine
And travel up ahead to things unseen
There are a thousand things I’d show you
What if the future’s only brightened by 
the darkness of the past 
if I the changed past would even I know you

And A Time machine
Might fix the broken path that I’ve been walkin’
 And wash it clean
But it was the broken path      
that lead me to the life I   wanted

What’s the deal with neverdave?

Never Call me dave.  Well sometimes you can. 


I was introducing myself in a co-write the other day and he immediately called me ‘dave.’  Then I said never dave, never call me dave.  So he immediately started calling me neverdave.  It made me laugh out loud and somehow it seems to fit.   If you know me really well, you know that I don’t really like being called Dave.  Well that is unless you are one of my high school or middle school band directors.  They can call me Dave if they want to. 
So unless you are them, or want to attach “super” to the front of that, Dave’s not home man. 

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David Delgado



Time Machine
Words and Music by David Delgado 
(C) 2020 By David Delgado Music 

Keys and Vocals- David Delgado 
Guitars and Bass – Tyler Gurry 
Drums – Brian Harrison
Mixed and Mastered by Lee Krabbe

Video by Ardmore Multimedia

Cover Design by Hannah Delgado
Inspired by Lily Delgado.